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Maintaining your skin is an essential thing for all people regardless of their skin type. There are many benefits of having a skincare routine such as reducing your various skin issues, leveling up your skin tone, etc.

In a skincare routine, toners can not avoid. You need not spend too much money to buy toners. You can easily make them for your own.

In this post, I will show you all about toners, such as their benefits, direction of use, and some amazing homemade toners. Plus, this post is significantly made for those who have dry skin. 


Face toners are an unavoidable factor in a skincare routine. But most people do not think of toner as an essential thing. 

Toners can use for any skin type. But they are very essential for those who have oily skin.

There are many commercial toners that you can buy. But in this case, I will show you how to make a toner using natural ingredients. These homemade toners are really effective for oily skin and you can use them with confidence.

So, let’s begin.