7 Things You Need To Keep In Your Sanitary Pouch


Every girl needs to maintain a sanitary pouch and always keep it with her bag.

I will show you how to maintain a sanitary pouch on a budget in this post.

If you have these things in your sanitary pouch do not fear any unexpected situations.

So let’s begin.

Benefits Of Having a Sanitary Pouch

When you are traveling, working in an office, or whether you are in a school or university, you need to maintain your hygiene. 

This small sanitary kit will help you to survive at any moment that you want to maintain your health.

Especially for women, an unexpected period is an awkward situation. You do not need to fear if you have this sanitary pouch because it contains all the things you need.

Also, when you have an interview or something face to face communication, your oral hygiene is very important. You can keep some products that are important for your oral hygiene.

How To Make a DIY Sanitary Pouch

If you can sew or crochet, you can make a small pouch for yourself. According to your favorite color, you can customize it. 

Also, you can buy a small sanitary pouch from a store.

The important thing is your pouch should be travel size, which means, you can take it everywhere you go.         

1. Sanitary Napkins or Pads

First thing, you need to keep a few sanitary pads, napkins, menstrual cups, or tampons in your sanitary pouch. If you have your periods at an unexpected time, then you need not fear or ask your friend for a sanitary pad, if you have it with your sanitary pouch.

Also, you can keep some panty liners with you.

2. Extra Under Pant

Keep an extra undergarment in your sanitary pouch. If you have any trouble during your periods, you can change your undergarments if you have an extra one with you. 

Also, keep extra ziplock bags in your pouch as well.

You can keep sanitary pads and your undergarments in separate ziplock bags. 

3. Wet Tissues

Keep wet tissues with you in your sanitary pouch. If you want to wipe your body or face you can use these wet tissues.

If you are using wet tissues for sensitive areas, try to find a wet tissue brand that has no fragrances.

4. Mouth Wash

We need to communicate with people every time. If you do have not proper oral hygiene it will affect your health and social wellbeing as well. 

Keep a small bottle of mouth wash in your sanitary pouch. 

5. Face Wash

Keep a small container of your face wash in your sanitary pouch as well. If you feel oily or dirty on your face, you can use your face wash. 

6. Deodorant

Deodorants can prevent body odor, especially in your armpit. You need to keep a small bottle in your sanitary pouch which is very useful in your day-to-day life.

7. Feminine Wash

Vaginal hygiene is a necessary thing to protect your health. In order to maintain the hygiene of the vaginal area, you need to wash it at least twice a day. It will prevent you from various vaginal diseases like yeast infections.

A regular cleanse, soap or shower gel is too harsh for sensitive areas like the vagina.

As a reason for that, Nowadays there are many feminine wash products that you can use to clean your vaginal area. these products are specially manufactured to use in those areas.

You can keep a feminine wash in your sanitary pouch.


Now you know what you want to keep in your sanitary pouch. These things are really essential for all people. 

As we are human, we need to keep our hygiene as the top priority. These things can help you to maintain good health.

You can buy a small pouch or make a DIY pouch to make a sanitary bag.

Then you can buy the above stuff and make a small sanitary pouch for yourself.

Keep in mind to take your sanitary pouch with you always whether you are going to school, the office, or anywhere.

Also, clean your sanitary pouch every time you have.

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