Top 5 Makeup Products For A Simple Makeup Look

makeup products for a simple look

Are you interested in doing a simple makeup look? Do you only have a small budget for buying makeup products?

Then I will tell you how to do a simple makeup look using minimum products. (with bonus tips)

This beginner’s friendly guide will help you to do a simple makeup look using 5 makeup products.

Prep Your Skin

Before applying any products, you need to prepare your skin for makeup. Use your cleanser or face wash to clean your face to remove the dirt and excess oil on the face. And use a paper tissue to remove the excess water on your face. 

You can use a toner to seal your face in order to close the opened pores.

If you can do a facial at home before makeup, it’s better. 

Product no 1 – Foundation

The skin on our face is not truly an even color. Some may have undereye darkness, pimples, scars, and darkness around the mouth and nose.  

In order to get an even color, you can use a foundation. Foundation can create an even base for a flawless and long-lasting makeup look.

There are many foundations in the market. You can choose it as a cream foundation, stick foundation, or powder foundation. You can choose either of them that matches your skin type.

Most importantly, choosing the right foundation color is the most difficult problem that girls faced. If we choose the wrong foundation color, the whole makeup look may be severe.

Let me tell you about such a situation. I wanted to do makeup for my cousin sister’s wedding ceremony. So I went to a local salon in the town. I have tanned skin and the makeup artist put a lighter color foundation on my face in order to make my face white. 

The final look was really awkward and due to the oxidizing, my face became like putting 2 or 3 coats of white color paint on my face. My whole mood was upset and at the end of the function, my face became like a dead body. 

So, choosing the right foundation color is really important.

It depends on your skin undertone. In the upcoming articles, I will discuss how to choose the right foundation for your skin.

After choosing the right color, you can apply it as small drops or small amounts on your face. Then tap it using a beauty blender or with your fingers.

If you have undereye darkness, scars and other discolored areas use a little bit more amount to cover it.

Bonus Tip 1 –  do not use too much foundations. Otherwise, your makeup look may be cakey and can make an artificial look. In order to protect the natural look of the makeup, you should apply a little amount of foundation on your face.

Then keep it until absorbed into your face.

Bonus Tip 2 – if you are using a beauty blender used it after wetting it. A wet beauty blender can evenly spread the foundation cream or stick amounts on your face.

Product No 2 – Compact Powder

Using a compact powder to seal your face is really important.

If you used a stick foundation or cream foundation, you may have fine lines or smile lines if you smile when the foundation is on your face.

In order to avoid such smile lines, you can use a compact powder on your foundation layer. The compact powder then seals the foundation layer.   

You can use a powder brush or a sponge pad to put compact powder on your face.

Compact powders are also in the market. You can buy it after matching it with your skin color.

Product No 3 – Mascara

When we communicate with others, people always connect with our eyes. Perfect eyes add extra beauty to your face.

Because we are using minimum products for our simple makeup look, we do not use eyeshadow colors or eyeliners, or Kajol in our eyes.

A mascara bottle is enough for our look. 

Put a mascara layer on your eyelashes. This will create a perfect beauty for your eyes even if you do not apply eyeliners, eyeshadow colors, or Kajol.  

Bonus Tip 3 – try to buy a volumizing mascara because it can add extra volume to your lashes.

Product No 4 – Eye Pencil

Eyebrows are also adding extra elegance to your face. Sadly, I don’t have dark and big eyebrows and god only knows how I am addicted to them.

If you have dark and big eyebrows, I think you need not to use an eye pencil. But If you are like me, that you haven’t perfect eyebrows, you can use an eye pencil to draw your eyebrows.

You can use an eye pencil to cover your eyebrows, especially the areas that have blanks.

Bonus Tip 4- if you have not a dark color eyebrow, use a brown color eye pencil. It can give you a natural eyebrow look even if you drew it with a pencil.

Bonus Tip 5 – shaping your eyebrow before the makeup is really important. If you do not trim and shape your eyebrows, even if you draw them using a pencil, you can not take perfect brows. So, threading or shaping your eyebrows can really make your brows beautiful.

Again, do not use over amount of eye pencil lines on your eyebrows because it can create a weird and artificial look. 

Smoothly apply the eye pencil to your eyebrows.

Product No 5 – Lipstick

Putting lipstick on your lips is the final step in this simple makeup look.

You can choose a nude lipstick color or any other color you preferred.

Also, you can select it as matte lipstick or liquid lipstick.

Bonus Tip 6 – wearing liquid matte lipstick is useful when you wear a face mask because it doesn’t remain on your face mask. Also, it is very useful when you get a drink or eat.

Bonus Tip 7 – you can put a little bit of lipstick on your fingers and rub it. And you can apply it to your cheeks as a blusher. Pink lipstick is more suitable for this task. Do not over-tap it on your cheeks. Just a little bit is enough. Also do not rub it on your cheeks. Just tap it.


Now, you know how to do a simple makeup look using only 5 products. This guide is really useful to those who are interested in makeup products for beginners. 

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