Top 5 Lipstick Hacks All Women Should Know


Lipstick is an important part of a makeup look. The color and the nature of your lipstick affect your whole makeup look.

Maintaining good and healthy lips, choosing the correct lipstick shade, follow the correct application methods are very important if you want to get a perfect lip look.

In this post, I will show you 5 important steps that you must follow for a perfect lip look.

Why we should maintain healthy lips?

We need to maintain healthy lips for many reasons.

First, we need to maintain healthy lips for a perfect lip makeup look. If our lips are unhealthy, dry, and flakey, our total lip makeup look will be ruined.

Secondly, we need to maintain healthy lips to avoid various allergies and diseases. Sometimes, if we apply low-quality lipstick on our lips, it will cause many allergies. Recently, I had an allergy. I managed it by exfoliating and applying lip masks on my lips.

We talked about the benefits of having healthy lips. So, How do we take a perfect lip look? Let me show you how.

1. Exfoliate Your Lips. 

Exfoliating lips is very important for a good lip look. 

When you exfoliate your lips, it can remove your dry and flaking skin and gives you shiny, healthy, and plumpy lips.

But, how to exfoliate?

There are many natural exfoliators and lips exfoliating products that can be used to exfoliate your lips.

Among the natural exfoliators, Sugar and honey scrub is commonly used. You can wash your lips with warm water and apply a paste that you made using a small amount of sugar and honey on your lips.

Scrub it for 1 minute and wash your lips. After that, you can apply your lip scrub.

Also, you can use Sugar and lemon scrub which is made with a small amount of sugar and drops of lemon juice.

Do not over-exfoliate your lips and keep in mind to use small crystal sugar when you are making your scrub.

If you can apply bee honey on your lips every day. You can get a rosy and plumpy lip.

I faced a problem when I applied my lipstick my lips became dry and flaky. When you exfoliate your lips before makeup, your lips will not dry and irritated.

2. Choose the Right Lipstick Shade

There are many many lipstick colors in stores. I’m really getting addicted when I want to buy lipstick due to its color range.

I recommend you buy a good lipstick with a good brand name and other certifications. I also used some cheap lipsticks and fakes that made my lips darker and more irritated.

There are many lipsticks that can be used for everyday use and for special parties. I have some lipsticks in nude shades, dark red, and rose colors. 

You need not take hundreds of lipstick. If you have the above three shades with you, you can use them at any event like everyday simple makeup look or glam makeup look.

Also, be careful about the expiry date of your lipstick.

Secondly, the nature of your event is really important when you apply lipstick. If you have an official meeting, dark red lipstick is not a match. So, you need to identify the nature of the event you are attending when you apply lipstick.

3. Apply The Lipstick Correctly

Before applying your lipstick, you need to identify the shape of your lip. 

Shaping your lip shape can do using a lip liner. 

If you have bigger lips and you want to look smaller, you can draw the shape of your lip using the lipliner, from the inner side of your actual lip line.

Also, if you have thin lips and you want fuller lips, you can overdraw your lip shape which means overdraw the cupid’s bow and the fullest part of the lower lip using a lip liner. Do not overdraw the lip corners.

After drawing the shape of your lips, then apply your lipstick as well. 

Do not over-apply the lipstick on your lips. Just apply a thin layer.

Also, apply the lipstick from the middle of your lips toward the corners. Do not apply over amount of lipstick to the corners. 

I love to use matte liquid lipsticks these days because they can survive me from many problems. When you wear a face mask, eat, or drink you may feel like applying lipstick is troublesome. 

But I apply matte liquid lipstick which is really helpful to me. I can take my face mask from my face without any lipstick marks. 

Also, after you are done applying lipstick. You can take a tissue and bite it using your lips to remove excess lipstick inside your lips.

4. Apply Concealer For Excess Product 

Applying concealer can give you two benefits.

First, it can remove the excess lipstick from the outside of your lipline. 

Secondly, a concealer can give you a bold look when you apply it around your lip.

You need to apply a tiny layer of concealer around your lip and blend it. After that apply your compact powder. 

This can remove the excess lipstick from the outside of your lips and gives you a bold and perfect lip look.

5. Remove The Lipstick Correctly

Removing lipsticks from your lips is important as applying them. 

There are many makeup-removing products in the stores. You can use it also.

But, I use another method to remove the lipstick on the lips.

First, I apply a layer of vaseline to my lips and keep it for 2-3 minutes on my lips. This can melt your long-wear lipstick, especially liquid lipstick.

Then I remove it easily by using a wet tissue. This process can exfoliate your lips as well as moisturize them. 

Then I apply my lip balm. You can use bee honey to moisturize your lips as well. 


I followed these methods for 2 years and I got amazing results. Before I had dark lips and was always dry. 

Follow these methods when you do your makeup and surely, it will give you a perfect and healthy lip look.

Many women and girls have problems with lip darkness. This method is useful to get rid of lip darkness as well.

A good lip makeup look is a combination of healthy and plumpy lips with a quality lipstick shade. The balance of this two is very important to maintain good lips and for the perfect look.


1. What are the reasons for chapped lips?

There are many reasons for having chapped or dry lips. Climatic changes, dehydration, medication, smoking, vitamin deficiency, and cheap lip products can affect your dry and chapped lips.

2. What color lipstick suits me?

The most effective way to understand the lipstick shade that matches you is to have an understanding of your skin tone. Always choose a shade that brightens your skin after you apply it to your lips.

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