How To Make a Makeup Pouch On A Budget

How To Make a Makeup Pouch On A Budget

Every girl needs a travel-size makeup pouch in her day-to-day life.

Whether you are in high school, university, doing a job, or even at home. You should maintain a small makeup pouch.

When you go anywhere, you don’t need to go to a salon and spend money on makeup. When you have a travel-size makeup pouch, you can survive. 

If you have these things in your makeup pouch you can make any makeup look, for example, a simple makeup look for every day and a glam look for a party. 

In this post, I will discuss what you need to make a small makeup pouch.

A Small Bag

First, you need a small bag or pouch that can use as a makeup pouch. 

If you have materials at home you can sew a small bag home. Or you can buy it from a store.

You can maintain it from your favorite color as well. But keep in mind, it should be put into your handbag which means, it is suitable for your handbag size. 

Now, we discuss what you need.

1. A Foundation

A  foundation is an essential item for makeup. Keep a small tube or pallet from the foundation that matches your skin color. 

2. A Compact Powder

You need a compact powder to seal the Foundation and Concealer on your face. Also, if your makeup going to be oily, you can use compact powder to touch up the makeup.

3. A Concealer

You can use a concealer to hide and cover blemishes, dark spots, and other areas that have darkness. There are concealer powder, cream, and sticks. You can use either of them.

4. Contour Pallet

In order to get a 3D look for your face, you can use a contour stick or pallet. After using that, you can lift your cheeks, hide your double chin, and shape your nose.   

5. Eyeliner

An eyeliner can use to get a glam look for your eyelids. You can change the eyeliner type you draw, according to the occasion. There are many eyeliner pens, pencils, powders, and liquid eyeliner. You can buy it as your preference.

6. Eye Pencil

Eye pencil can shape your eyebrows by drawing the lines on them. You can buy it as a pencil, gel or as a powder. The shade of brown color can brings natural color to your eyebrows.

7. Mascara

You can apply mascara to your eyelashes for a glam look. Keep a small tube with you always.

8. Eyeshadow Pallet

Whether you want to put on a simple makeup look or a party makeup look, adding eyeshadow to your eyelids will give you a gorgeous look. 

9. Kajol

Using a Kajol stick or pencil, you can draw on your lower waterline and upper waterline of the eye. It gives you a bold look for your eyes.

10. Blusher

Blushers can give a natural and more healthy look to your cheeks. There are cream blushers and powder blushes.

11. Highlighter

There are powder, liquid, and cream highlighters on the market. Highlighters can enhance the high points of your face by giving it a shiny look. 

12. Lipstick

Keep 3 or 4 lipsticks in your makeup pouch in every shade like dark colors and nude colors. Also, keep a lip balm, lip liner, and lip gloss in your makeup pouch. 

13. Setting Spray

Makeup setting spray sets your makeup look long-lasting without cakey. Keep a spray bottle with your makeup pouch.

In addition, you can keep the following things in your makeup pouch.

  • Makeup removing wipes or spray – In case you want to remove your makeup, wet wipes or makeup remover is the best way.
  • Tissues – Tissues are very useful if you overdo lipstick or eyeliner.
  • Makeup brushes – Usually, we use our fingers to apply some products such as eye shadows. But blushers and highlighters are well-blended with your skin if you use a makeup brush.
  • A tool kit (Eyelash curler, comb, tweezer)


This makeup pouch will survive you on any occasion whether it is everyday usage or party time. These products are like investments rather than spending money for a saloon every time that you want to put on makeup.

Take your makeup pouch with you always. 

5 FAQs About Makeup Pouches

These are some of the common questions that people asked about makeup pouches.

What makeup bags are the best?

It totally depends on you and your requirements. if you have many makeup items that you want to carry, yes you need a big pouch.

you can buy makeup pouches in any size or you can create them on your own as well.

What makeup brushes do I need?

Again, it depends on your preference.

usually, a beauty blender or a foundation brush to blend the foundation, brushes for applying blush, eyeshadows, and highlighters, are the minimal required makeup brushes you want.

What’s makeup primer?

Primer usually uses to create an even base without pores, prior to the makeup. Also, it acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup products you apply, which means it reduces the harm of the makeup products.

Primer is totally optional. But you can use a gel primer, silicon-based primer, or at least a gel moisturizer as a primer.

What makeup product covers acne?

The best option for covering your acne, and acne marks is a concealer.

There are many concealers in stores that you can buy. Consider their quality and the reviews and you can buy them.

Can I apply lipstick as a blush?

Lipstick can use as a blush. Especially as a cream blush. But you need to consider the amount that you apply because too much lipstick on your cheek will make you like a clown.

So take a small amount of lipstick and apply it gently on your cheeks. Then tap it until it blends with your skin.

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