How To Do A Pedicure At Home For Myself


When we heard about doing a pedicure, immediately we remember going to a saloon and spending hours and hours cleaning our legs.

But do you know, I haven’t gone to any of the saloons to do a pedicure and I do it myself, at home, using some DIY techniques and ingredients.

This pedicure is not only for girls. Hey! Men, you can also do it. 

In this article, I will share how to do a pedicure at home myself. You can also try this method and feel the change as well. 

What Is A Pedicure?

Simply, a pedicure is a foot treatment especially done for feet and toenails. Usually, pedicures are done in professional nail salons and spas. But you can do it in your home as well with simple ingredients.

Even though pedicures are known as a luxury treatment for upper-class people, meantime it is very common and affordable. 

Some may confuse a pedicure with a manicure. Manicure is usually identified as a treatment for hands and fingernails. 

Importance Of Getting a Pedicure?

Why we should do a pedicure?

There are many reasons that you should do a pedicure.

The most common importance of a pedicure is to have beautiful super soft feet. Do you believe that your toes and feet can say about your cleanliness? 

There is a popular saying in Sri Lanka (I’m not sure other countries also have this. If it is please have a comment below) that the cleanliness and neatness of a lady can be found when we see her kitchen, backyard of the home, bathroom, and her feet. So, keep in mind to clean everything clean and neat, especially your feet,

Apart from this, there are many importances to getting a pedicure. 

First, a pedicure is not a girly thing to enhance the beauty of the legs. A pedicure can prevent your toenails from nail diseases

For example, as I mentioned earlier in my article How to keep my lips hydrated, moist, and soft, I had a habit to buy cheap products without concern about their quality. With one of those cheap nail color products I applied, My nails become white and lifted up a little bit from the nail bed. 

I could cure my toenails through pedicures that I did myself at home using natural products.

Also, a pedicure can remove the dead skin of your feet. You all know that the skin of our feet is rougher than the rest of our bodies. When we walk, our feet get dirty easily as well. So a pedicure can easily dirty your feet and the dead skin as well, which means you can have soft and clean feet.

A pedicure can increase your blood circulation because of the massaging step. Proper blood circulation is a key requirement for good health that provides proper oxygen and nutrients for our body to operate.

What do you feel if I say a pedicure can release your stress and affect your mental health also? Yes, it is. 

Well, during my higher studies, I was really depressed and had anxiety and stress as well. I usually try to do a pedicure once a week to take mental relief and believe me it worked.

A pedicure is one of the best options for de-stress and having good mental health. We all know that relaxing our nerves can do by a massage. So, having a foot treatment with a perfect massage can gives you mental relief also.

How Often You Should Get A Pedicure?

Our poor feet need more attention every time. Your feet get dirty easily, your nails get chapped, and nail colors get faded away. Then you realize your feet need a perfect pedicure.

The gap between the two pedicures totally depends on your lifestyle. I usually, do a pedicure twice a week. But professionals suggest that you should leave 2 or 3 weeks of the gap between pedicures.

What Do You Need For A Pedicure?

First of all, I want to say, when you do a pedicure at a saloon, there are plenty of equipment and tools that they use to do a professional pedicure. But when we do a pedicure at home for ourselves, we have only minimal tools and options to use. 

Personally, I use a basin, my nail tool kit, a small towel, my foot pack, foot scrub. Pumice stone and aloe vera gel. 

If you have all of these you can use them. But if you haven’t I will tell you how to use alternatives as well. So keep reading.

How To Do A Pedicure At Home For Myself?

1st step

First, we need to find a calm background for our treatment. A comfy chair and a calming music background are perfect.

After that, you need to remove the nail colors from your nails using a nail polish remover. Some people cut or trim their nails at this point. But I personally like to trim my nails during the process because at that time our nails are well soaked in the water and we can easily trim our nails. 

Then you need to put a mat or something like that on the floor to avoid wetting the floor. 

Take a basin or something that can keep your legs inside it. Then add some lukewarm water to it. 

Then you must add 2 tablespoons of salt to the basin. Salt can soft, absorb dirt, and clean well your feet. Also salt can treat your unhealthy nails as well.  

Then you should add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to the basin. Lemon juice can again clean your nails, brighten them, remove stains and make them stronger. 

Then you should add some baby shampoo or body wash because it will help us to easily remove the dirt.

Then you should soak your legs in the basin until 10 minutes. This step can soften the skin of your feet which is a support for our process and at the same time, it perfectly cleans your feet.

2nd step

In this step, you need to clean your feet more. 

After 10 minutes of soaking, now your feet are ready. Then you should rub smoothly your feet by using a towel. 

Now you can trim your nails. 

In this step, I use to file my nails and clean the edges of my nails as well. You can easily do the task because your feet are already wet and well soaked.

Also, I get my pumice stone and rub gently my feet to remove dirt. If you do not have a pumice stone, you can use a brush also.

After that, You can wash your feet again.

Then you need to scrub your feet to remove dead skin. I usually use Lemon and sugar scrub to exfoliate my skin. Also, you can use coffee, honey, and sugar scrub to exfoliate.

After the exfoliation, you can use a wet towel to remove the scrub from your feet and use cold water to tone your feet. 

3rd step 

In this step, you need to give hydration and nutrients to your feet.  

I usually use Yogurt and turmeric foot pack for my feet. Also, you can use multani mitti or fullers earth, honey and rosewater pack, gram flour, turmeric, milk, and rosewater pack, cucumber, lemon, and olive oil pack as well.

A foot pack can hydrate your skin on the feet while softening it. So do not avoid this step.

If you have trouble of finding these ingredients, you can use a foot pack product that you can buy from a store. But the most important thing is to hydrate your feet using natural things.

Then leave the foot fack until it dry, at least 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, spray some water on your feet to wet the pack and gently rub it. After that, you can wash off the foot pack and toner your feet using cool water.

4th step

Now you should massage your feet. This is the most calming and relaxing step of our progress.

You can do it by yourself or better if another person will help you to massage your feet.

I usually apply a gel-based moisturizer to massage my feet.  My favorite is aloe vera soothing gel. Sometimes I use natural aloe vera extract as well.

Apply any moisturizer or gel all over your feet and gently massage them.

There are many foot massage techniques that you can use.

Now the process is ended and you can apply your favorite nail color. 

And what you can feel? 


This is the personal pedicure process that I do for myself. The steps and the process may be different from the professionals’ methods. But I like this and I really have results as well. 

At our weekend, my husband and I do pedicures at home for ourselves, which means he helps me and I help him. You can also follow these easy steps to do a pedicure at home for yourself.  

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