The Met Gala 2023- Here Are The 5 Best Outfits


The year’s fashion Oscars, The Met Gala was held on the first Monday of May, In New York City. 

This year, the theme was to celebrate the great service of Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion legendary. 

Many celebrities paid their honor to Karl by wearing outfits inspired by his own Vintage style, while some others used to wear outfits created by some other fashion houses inspired by Karl’s aesthetic styles.

When going through the common features of the Met Gala this year, there were some monochromatic looks, outfits with pearls, camellia flowers, crystals, pearls, etc. 

Here are the 5 best outfits for Met Gala 2023. Have a look.

1. Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

The nineties supermodel wore this pink satin gown of Vintage Chanel.

2. Rihanna


Rihanna is one of the best dressed in the Met Gala and the entire world is looking forward to her dress. At this time she wore a white ballgown from Valentino. The most attractive thing in her outfit was the floral headpiece with camelia flowers, which is the iconic flower of Chanel.

3. Anna Hathaway

Anna Hathaway

At this time, Anna Hathaway has chosen a monochrome tweed gown from Versace.

4. Lilly Collins

Lilly Collins

Lilly Collins has chosen Vera Wang’s creation, a dress with a white bodice and a black skirt sewn “Karl” on the train.

5. Doja Cat

Doja Cat

Wearing an Oscar De La Renta, Doja Cat’s Outfit, and the entire look gave a tribute to Karl by embodying Karl’s Pet Cat “Choupette”.

Image Credits – HarpersBazaar

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