5 Best Exfoliators For Oily Skin

5 best exfoliators for oily skin

Is exfoliation necessary to maintain good skin? 

Yes, exfoliation is very important.

Also, exfoliation is important for those who have oily skin.

I have oily skin and I used both skincare products and natural ingredients as exfoliators. Following are the best exfoliators I used including natural ingredient scrubs and 2 skincare products. 

In this article, we will discuss the best exfoliators for oily skin.

Why exfoliation is important?

Exfoliation is a very important and unavoidable factor in a skincare routine. There are many benefits of exfoliating your skin.

Mainly, face exfoliation can remove dead skin from your face. Also, the excess oil, dirt, and sweat can also be removed from exfoliation. When you have excess oil, dirt, and dead cells on your face, it can cause acne and breakouts.

Also, when you exfoliate your face, it can boost the collagen production of your skin and gives you young and plump skin.

on the other hand, exfoliation can improve skin tone of your skin. if you have various discoloration or uneven tones, you can use exfoliation.

Best exfoliators for oily skin

1. Coffee Scrub

I’m not sure about any other scrub that brings me a smooth face as a coffee scrub does. I experienced a sudden result at the same time after I used the coffee scrub.

Coffee scrub can give you a natural glow look and it can increase your blood circulation as well.

I used a tablespoon of coffee and added a tablespoon of sugar and drops of honey to it and mixed it as a paste. Be careful to use small crystals of sugar because large size sugar crystals can damage your skin.

Then you can apply the paste to your cleansed face and rub it. Do not scrub the areas around your eyes. 

You should scrub your face for at least 2 minutes and wash it. Then you can use a toner to seal the pores that opened with the exfoliating. 

2. Sugar And Lemon Scrub

Those who have oily skin can face another issue. That is open pores. People who have oily skin have large pores other than others.  

To reduce the size of the open pores, you can use this sugar and lemon scrub. 

You can use a tablespoon of small granules of sugar and mix it with drops of lemon. Lemon is enriched with Vitamin C and helps to reduce acne and blemishes, sunburns, skin brightening, and aging lines. Also, lemon contains citric acid which is a natural bleach.

Apply the scrub to the clean face and scrub it for at least 2 minutes and wash it. Then apply your toner to the face.

Also, for those who have pigmentation and blackheads and whiteheads, you can use this scrub. 

3. Green Tea Scrub

Green tea scrub is my other favorite. When I was at my university I didn’t have much time to care about my face, especially to do a facial that includes all the steps of cleaning, scrubbing, extracting, face pack, and moisturizer at home. 

But luckily, I found out about this scrub. The specific usage of this scrub is, that you can use this as a face pack. Let me show you how.

You can make this scrub using only two ingredients that you can easily find in your home. You all need green tea and salt. You can use any green tea bag from any brand and use small powdered salt.

Green tea can protect your skin from skin cancers, gives you youthful skin, and reduce irritation, acne, and blemishes.

Also, salt can remove the dead cells from your skin and brings you smooth, bright skin.

Take a green tea bag and cut it. Take all the green tea into a cup and add small drops of warm water to boil it.do not add more water. Just 5 drops are enough.

After 3 minutes you can see the green tea as a paste. Then add some salt to the paste and mix it.

Apply it to your clean face like you are applying a face pack and wait 20 minutes. This is how it works as a face pack.

After 20 minutes, the paste is completely dry. Then spray some water on your face to wet the pack. If you start to scrub the dry pack on your face, it will help to sag your face.

After spraying water onto your face and your face pack begins to wet. Then you can scrub the pack lightly around your face. This is how it works as a facial scrub.

After 3 minutes, you can wash your face and apply a toner.

Now you can feel a smooth, bright, and clean face.

All the above I mentioned are natural ingredients that you can use to exfoliate your skin. The next two are the skincare products that I used to exfoliate my skin.

4. 4Ever Venivel 5 Minutes Cleanup

Image source- 4Ever skin natural

As I mentioned earlier, during my uni life, I had no time to do a long-time facial. So I tried many facials and skincare products that take a little time to do a facial.

Among them, this 4Ever venivel 5 minutes cleanup is the best. This contains a 3-in-1 formula which means cleanse, scrub and pack by using the same product.

This product can use for all skin types and make in Sri Lanka product. Also, this contains 30% aloe vera and is formulated without parabens.

This product can remove dead cells, dirt, and excess oil from your face while rejuvenating and brightening your skin.

Venivel (Sinhala) or Tree turmeric (Berberis aristate) is used for many skincare products.

You can apply this product to your clean face and leave it for 3 minutes. Then you can massage your face gently and remove the product from your skin using a cotton pad. Then wash your face and use a toner.

This product can save your time as well as brings you the best results.

5. St.Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Face Scrub

One year before, I had a skin allergy and had more acne on my face due to the allergy. After I cure it, I had more blemishes and acne marks around my face and Blackheads on my nose.

I tried this product and still, and I use this. Its results are amazing and easily you can see your blackheads are removed. 

I tried this scrub twice a week and especially when I had blackheads. 

This scrub contains salicylic acid, bamboo powder, and especially green tea. Also, this is a non-comedogenic, oil-free, paraben-free, and dermatologist-tested product.


In this article, we discussed the best exfoliators for oily skin that I used myself as well. I’m satisfied with these exfoliants because I can control my acne level totally by using these stuff. 

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