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Oily skin is a common concern for many people. One of the issues that we face as people with oily skin is skincare issues like acne and breakouts. 

As a result, many people struggle to get rid of oily skin. But it’s important to know that oil is a necessary part of our skin and we should not try to completely get rid of it. Instead, what we should do is try to control it.

In this post, I will show you how to control oily skin naturally at home.


Our skincare regimes typically include the step of moisturizing. Moisturizers for our skin have a lot of advantages.

You might be concerned about what moisturizer to use if you have oily skin. Because hydrating our skin is the main purpose of a moisturizer. Oily-skinned people do not require more hydration.

You may have also noticed that certain moisturizers cause your face to produce extra oil after application. As a result, moisturizing may occasionally be neglected. So does using a moisturizer for folks with oily skin make sense? 

In this article, I’ll go through how to make a moisturizer at home with some organic ingredients. These moisturizers work nicely for oily skin.


Face toners are an unavoidable factor in a skincare routine. But most people do not think of toner as an essential thing. 

Toners can use for any skin type. But they are very essential for those who have oily skin.

There are many commercial toners that you can buy. But in this case, I will show you how to make a toner using natural ingredients. These homemade toners are really effective for oily skin and you can use them with confidence.

So, let’s begin. 


One of the biggest issues that have for people with oily skin is putting on makeup. Sometimes, you will be tired of getting oil on your face even if you have your makeup on. 

The same thing happened to me at the beginning. So I researched the best makeup routine for myself and here is what I learned and practiced myself.  

These self-proven, game-changing tips will help you to control your oily skin when you have makeup.

5 best exfoliators for oily skin

Is exfoliation necessary to maintain good skin? 

Yes, exfoliation is very important.

Also, exfoliation is important for those who have oily skin.

I have oily skin and I used both skincare products and natural ingredients as exfoliators. Following are the best exfoliators I used including natural ingredient scrubs and 2 skincare products. 

In this article, we will discuss the best exfoliators for oily skin.

5 tips for healthy skin

We all like to have healthy skin. However, having healthy skin is not just about having fair and good-looking skin. 

There are some requirements to having healthy skin from the inside of the body and your outside.

This article will discuss how to make your skin healthy, no matter what type of skin you have.


What do you think about skin? Yes, it is the largest organ of the body. But what else?

Did you ever know that our skin can express our emotions? Yes exactly. Skin is a good expression of our deepest emotions.

When we feel embarrassed or shy, our skin of the face becomes pink. If we have stressed our skin the under eyes become dark.

Maintaining a healthy diet and skincare routine is not totally sufficient for healthy skin. You need your inner peace also.

To calm your stress and maintain good mental health, you need to practice meditation. And finally, meditation can improves your skin.

In this post, I will share how meditation can improves your skin.


Did you know you can use ice cubes to get the same results as using fairness cream? 

Imagine if you can solve your all skincare issues with one treatment, and it is totally free of charge!

Ice cubes can glow your skin while reducing acne, pimple marks, and dark spots at the same time. In other words, you can take fast, efficient, and better benefits than a chemical product, just by rubbing ice cubes on your face.

Most important thing is, that you won’t have to spend any money on this amazing treatment. 

In this post, I will discuss, how to use ice cubes for glowing skin. I write this from my own experience. I used this treatment during the COVID-19 period because at that time it was really hard to buy skincare products and we shifted towards DIY treatments. Here’s how it works.