Can Meditation Improve Skin?


What do you think about skin? Yes, it is the largest organ of the body. But what else?

Did you ever know that our skin can express our emotions? Yes exactly. Skin is a good expression of our deepest emotions.

When we feel embarrassed or shy, our skin of the face becomes pink. If we have stressed our skin the under eyes become dark.

Maintaining a healthy diet and skincare routine is not totally sufficient for healthy skin. You need your inner peace also.

To calm your stress and maintain good mental health, you need to practice meditation. And finally, meditation can improves your skin.

In this post, I will share how meditation can improves your skin.

What Is Meditation

In simple terms, meditation raises awareness, attention, and focus. It can improve you as a person and your psychological well-being.

The core function of meditation is to practice the mind for settling and purifying. 

Meditation is used thousands of years ago by many religions such as Buddhism to raise awareness, mindfulness, and focus in the mind. Still, in today, meditation is popular among people due to its many spiritual advantages.

Spiritual Benefits of Meditation

There are plenty of spiritual benefits of meditation. Some of those benefits are already scientifically proven.

The most specific benefit is improving your health, focus, and mindfulness. When you practice meditation, you are trained to focus your mind on one thing and when you practice daily, your focus and mindfulness improve.

Also, you emotionally heal when you meditate. If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression you need to try meditation. It will help you to heal your mind and relax it.

Increasing tolerance and patience is another great benefit of meditation. In day-to-day life, impatience and intolerant is the major reason for most of our conflicts. If we can learn to control it, I think we can manage our daily conflicts. Meditation can teach you how to improve patience and tolerance in your mind.

Improving sleep quality is also one of the most significant advantages of meditation. Some people have difficulty in sleeping and have bad dreams. When I was an undergrad I had also the same experience. Plus, I was really scared at least going to the kitchen during day time. I practiced meditation and eventually, I could manage my fear, difficulty in sleeping, and bad dreams.

Enhancing self-awareness is another benefit of meditation. Some forms of meditation like self-inquiry meditation help you to understand yourself. 

Main Types Of Meditation

Basically, there are many types of meditation in the world. Some of them are:

Mindfulness meditation – You observe your thoughts and their pattern. You let them go without judgment.

Spiritual meditation –  spiritual meditation can develop a deeper connection with higher powers and of religious or spiritual means. For example, contemplative prayers of Christianity can be mentioned.

Focused meditation – this type of meditation helps you to concentrate using the five senses. You can internally concentrate by focusing on your breath or have an external factor to concentrate like candle flames.

Movement meditation – movement meditation helps you to focus on your body and the present moment. Walking, gardening or other gentle forms of movement can be used in here.

Mantra meditation –  using a repetitive sound, this meditation can clear the mind. This meditation is widely used in Hinduism and Buddhism. Using a word, phrase, or sound like “Om” (quietly or loudly) you can focus on. 

In Buddhism, we called it “Maithree Bhavanawa” and we repeat quietly a phrase. “I may live happily, I May live healthily, I may cure, I may relife from sad, I may attain Nirvana” and again repeat this phase as “ like me, all the other living creatures may live happily, may live healthily…”

Also, there are other popular meditations like Transcendental meditation, Progressive relaxation, Loving-kindness meditation, Visualization meditation, etc.

How To Start Meditate

If you want to start meditation, you can do it now. What you need are courage and a peaceful environment. Your status, religion, or any others are not required to meditate.

You can sit, walk or use any other comfortable posture to meditate. I usually use the quarter lotus posture to meditate. 

Select a peaceful environment. Relax your mind and meditate.

Also, there are many youtube videos and apps you can use to meditate. 

Benefits Of Meditation For Skin

As I mentioned earlier, our skin shows what is in our internal. If we clear our internal, our skin reflects it.

Meditation reduces our negative emotions

People have different types of emotions. We have happy emotions and at the same time, we have negative emotions. Jealousy, anger, sadness, and fear weaken our skin also. 

Do you ever notice deeply a person with anger, fear, sadness, and jealousy? What do you think about their facial expressions? Can you see the difference between the face of a person who has positive emotions and a face of a person who has negative emotions?

Yes of course. There is a big difference between them. That is why we should calm our emotions and purify our minds by using meditation. When you are clean inside, your outside also becomes clean.

When we meditate, our negative emotions will disappear, and eventually, we think about positive thoughts. We feel so happy and it reflects on our skin. Skin becomes glowing and fresh.

This fact is scientifically proven. Scientists discovered that meditation has real benefits for people who have skin diseases.

It can give you a youthful skin

Yes. meditation can give you youthful skin. Here is how.

We already know how to meditate. When we meditate, our body relaxes and gives us new energy. This energy can repair our body tissues and cells which means it repairs the skin. 

Also, when you practice mindful breathing, it gives you more oxygen to your body and rejuvenates it.

As a result of all those things, your skin gets clear, and more young looking without aging marks, wrinkles, and other skin issues.

Meditation gives you a good sleep

As I mentioned earlier, most of us have a big problem. That is under-eye darkness. There are many reasons for under-eye darkness such as lack of sleep, spending more time on screen, stress, etc. 

When you meditate you will sleep well because your body and mind are relaxed, when you have proper sleep, your body can heal and repair.  

Also when you meditate, you will have relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. It will clean your mind.

As a result of all those things, your biggest problem will solve. 

So. practice meditation not only for its psychological benefits. But also for your health and beauty.  


As you can see, meditation can give you results for your skin that you can not take by a product. You will not regret it if you practice meditation for at least 15 minutes per day. Beauty is not only the external appearance. But also the internal beauty. 

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