Best Makeup Routine For Oily Skin (5+ Tips)


One of the biggest issues that have for people with oily skin is putting on makeup. Sometimes, you will be tired of getting oil on your face even if you have your makeup on. 

The same thing happened to me at the beginning. So I researched the best makeup routine for myself and here is what I learned and practiced myself.  

These self-proven, game-changing tips will help you to control your oily skin when you have makeup.

What Is Oily Skin Like?

Oily skin is the most common type of skin that we see in our day-to-day life. You can easily find out whether you have oily skin or not.

If your skin has large pores, looks shiny and greasy, has blackheads, whiteheads, acne, or pimples, feeling oil when you touch any place on your face, then you have oily skin.

The reason for getting oily on your face is producing more sebum oil than usual.

Still confusing? Then there is a simple test to check your skin type, whether it is oily or not. 

After you wake up in the morning, wash your face using your face wash or cleanser. Do not apply any product on your face until 4-5 hours. Then take 2 paper tissues and wipe your T zone from one paper tissue. Use other tissue to wipe your cheek.

If the two tissues are oily, then you have oily skin.    

Can Makeup Apply To Oily Skin?

Exactly. You can apply makeup on your face even if you have oily skin. What you need to do is keep reading this article and follow these few tips.

How To Apply Makeup For Oily Skin

Tip 1 – Ice cube treatment

This hack is what II personally practiced for me and believe me, it worked. 

After cleansing your face using a cleanser or face wash, you need to apply one ice cube on your face. Once you have applied an ice cube on your face before the makeup, it will control the oil production. It means, your face will not get oily. This is a plus mark for non-oily makeup.

Then, after a few minutes, you can do your regular makeup routine.

Also, you can use regular ice cubes or you can add some aloe vera extract, turmeric, green tea, and cucumber juice for making ice cubes. This will increases the results for your face.

Tip 2 – Use a Toner

Usually, the function of a toner is to close the opened pores on your face after cleaning it. 

I prefer to use a toner after rubbing an ice cube on my face. Ice cubes also do the function of a toner, which means to close the pores. But I love to apply toner because of its smooth texture on the skin.

There are many toners on the market. But you can use cucumber extract, and homemade rose water as a natural toner. 

Also, you can make an aloe vera toner using ½ of rose water and ½ of aloe vera extract and mix them together. This toner is a perfect mixture for hydrating your skin.

Tip 3 – Apply a Moisturizer or Sunscreen

Applying moisturizer and sunscreens is a vital thing when it comes to skincare routines

Moisturizers can hydrate your skin while sunscreens can protect your skin from sunburns and harmful sun rays.

Keep in mind, you should be very tricky when you find a moisturizer and sunscreen for you if you have oily skin.

Basically, gel-based moisturizers and sunscreens are the perfect matches for people with oily skin. Unlike, heavy, thick cream-based moisturizers and sunscreens, gel-based products are light weighted and easily absorb into your skin. 

Also, cream-based moisturizers and sunscreens are really thick when you apply them on your face and they can clog your pores. So, keep in mind to apply gel-based products if you have oily skin.

If you are looking for a natural moisturizer, you can try out aloe vera extract gel.

Tip 4- Apply a Primer

The use of a makeup primer is to giving you an even base for the makeup.

In simple terms, primers work as a barrier between your skin and the makeup products. This will helps you to a smooth application of your makeup products. Plus, primer gives you a mattifying finish for the makeup look.

What you have to do is, select a silicon-based primer if you have oily skin. These silicon-based primers can give you a mattifying base for your makeup and gives you a long-lasting makeup look.

Some may think about which one should be the first between moisturizers and primers. Definitely, you should apply your moisturizer first, as the last step of your skincare routine, and apply your primer second, as the first step of your makeup routine. 

Tip 5 – Use a Suitable Foundation

Foundation is an unavoidable step in a makeup routine. In order to get an even skin tone for your face, you should apply foundation.

When you choose a foundation, you need to consider your undertone. If you want to know about your undertone and how to pick the right foundation color for your tone, you can check my articles on undertones

If you have an oily skin type, you need to choose a powder foundation, mattifying liquid foundation, or stick foundation.

Also, applying a thin and minimum amount of foundation is the top secret for the best makeup routine for oily skin. When you apply a thick layer of foundation on your face, it will get dark and cakey. What you need to do is apply a thin and minimum amount of foundation on your face and blend it.

When it comes to blending, you can use your finger, foundation brush, or a beauty blender. But I suggest you use a beauty blender if you have oily skin. It can perfectly blend the foundation on your face while absorbing the excess product.

Tip 6 – Use a Compact Powder

After applying foundation and concealer (If you want) you can use a compact powder to seal your foundation. This will give you a mattifying finish for the makeup and seal the foundation without getting greasy. 

Sometimes people use too much powder on the face, thinking that it will absorb the excess oil. Yes, it is. Powders can absorb the oil. That’s why I suggest you use a compact powder for the best makeup routine for oily skin.

But too much compact powder will not be enough. Imagine, if your face getting oil continuously and you apply powder on your face as much as possible. What happened? Do you notice that your face getting oily again and again even though you applied the powder multiple times? 

What you have to do is just apply a layer of compact powder on your face. If you get oily after a few hours, you can use a tissue to absorb the excess amount of oil. Applying too much compact powder is not the answer for getting oily.   

Tip 7 – Use a Setting Spray

Using a setting spray is a key point for the best makeup routine for oily skin.

A setting spray can hold your makeup fresh for a long time, which means you can achieve your target of a long-lasting makeup look.


I personally battled for many years to look for a makeup look that will not get oily. These few tips that I followed helped me to get a non-oily makeup look. Also, this guide will help you to do your makeup with confidence.

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