Best Homemade Cleansers For Oily Skin


In order to clean faces, people use many types of products. Facial cleansers and face wash are popular these days for cleaning the face. 

Can we use cleansers for our faces if we have oily skin? Can we use homemade cleansers? Yes, you can.

 In this post, we will discuss how.

What is Cleansing

Cleansing is a step that you cannot deny when it comes to skincare. In simple terms, cleansing means cleaning your face, which means removing excess oil, dirt, dead skin, etc.

Throughout the day our faces directly deal with many pollutants and they remain on the surface of our skin. This is a reason for our skin looking dull. In order to clean our face, we need to cleanse it.

Secondly, our face produces new cells while removing the current cells as dead cells. We need to get rid of these dead cells in order to avoid acne. Cleansing is the best method for that.  Through cleansing, you can remove all the dead cells from your face.

Thirdly, if you have oily skin, your oil production is more than usual. Too much oil is one of the reasons for acne. In order to remove the excess oil from your face, you can use the cleansing method.  

Also, as we put on our makeup, we need to remove them correctly. Otherwise, it will remain on our faces and it may cause acne. The best way to remove makeup on your face is cleansing.

One of the disadvantages of soap items is they dry our skin. But cleansers are not like that. By cleansing, it can retain the natural moisture of your skin and keep it hydrated.     

What is the difference between Cleansers and Facewash

Many people are confused about the difference between cleansers and facewash.

Basically, the main function of the two products is the same, which means clean your face. But the areas they covered are different.

Cleansers can clean your skin surface by removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin, etc. Unlike cleansers, face wash can clean your face deeply from the pores. 

Cleansers are more gentle than face wash. 

Also, cleansers offer gel, cream, lotion, oil, powder, and foaming cleansers type and face wash offers gel and foam.

Homemade cleansers for oily skin

There are many cleansers in the stores that match your skin type and skin issues. But here, we discuss homemade cleansers using natural ingredients.

Homemade cleansers are effective, safe, and cheap to make. You can easily make it on your own with confidence.

The following homemade cleansers are well suitable for people with oily skin.

1. Gram Flour and Turmeric Cleanser

Gram flour has been used for ages to clean the skin. It can reduce acne and oiliness.

On the other hand, turmeric is a vital ingredient that is mostly used in the skincare industry. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric is important for reducing acne while cleaning your face. 

How To Make –  Add half a teaspoon of gram flour, and a pinch of turmeric, and mix it with milk. Then you can apply it on your face as a cleanser.

2. Milk Cleanser

Raw milk is a good agent to cleanse and hydrate the skin. It has natural enzymes and acids that really helpful to the skin to cleanse, and exfoliating. 

This unique cleanser is really effective if you can add some orange peel powder.  Orange peel powder is enriched with Vitamin C which can help you to brighten your face, and control acne, breakouts, and excess oil as well.   

How To Make – Add 3 tablespoon of raw milk and mix it with 1 teaspoon of orange peel powder. Then apply it on your face gently. 

3. Honey and Lemon Cleanser

Honey can lighten your skin while moisturizing and fighting acne. 

Lemon is also very important for oily skin to reduce excess oil production and treat acne. 

How To Make – add 2 tablespoons of honey and mixed it with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Apply it on your face and gently rub it. Leave it for 5 minutes. After that, you can rinse it.

4. Olive oil Cleanser

Oil for oily skin? I’m not joking.  

Many of you may have an idea to avoid oil for oily skin. But recently, researchers have identified the benefits of oil for the skin. Olive oil is one of the highly recommended oils for cleansing.

Oil cleansing using olive oil can treat acne. Due to its anti-oxidant and vitamins, you can use it as a cleanser. 

When you try to remove all the oil on your face, it will get oily again and again. Olive oil can balance the oil in your skin with its hydrating power and stop drying your skin.  

How To Use – Get some virgin olive oil onto your palms and rub it gently on your face. You can massage it in circular motions. After a few minutes, you can wipe it using lukewarm water. 

5. Cucumber and Tomato extract Cleanser

Cucumbers and tomatoes are great cleansing ingredients that you can use to clean your face.

Cucumbers are enriched with cooling properties that help your skin to refresh. 

Due to their vitamins and mineral contents, tomatoes are beneficial for skin brightening and reducing oiliness.

How To Make – Take cucumbers in a sufficient amount for your face and take a small tomato. Grind them well and apply the paste to your face. Gently rub the paste on your face and wash it.   

6. Green tea Cleanser

Green tea is a good ingredient with antioxidants. The Polyphenols in green tea can fight bacteria and inflammation.

How to make –  Make a green tea cup as normal and take a cotton pad. Dip the cotton pad in the green tea and apply it to your face.

7. Oatmeal Cleanser

Oatmeal is really good for oily skin. It can absorb the excess oil on your face. Also, oatmeal is enriched with saponins which can cleanse your skin and remove dead cells. 

How to make – Take the oatmeal powder by grinding the oatmeal. Then mix it with pure aloe vera or cucumber juice. Apply the paste on your face and gently rub it. After that, you can rinse it. 


As you can see, you can make homemade cleansers effortlessly. These cleaners are perfectly matching with oily skin, which can reduce oil production and control acne as well. 


1. How to cleanse?

It is very simple. First, you need to wet your face and apply the cleanser to your face. Using your fingertips, you can gently rub it in circular motions while massaging your face. After that, you can rinse your face with lukewarm water. Keep in mind to apply a toner after the process. 

2. What is double cleansing?

Basically, a double cleanse means cleaning your face using two different cleansers. First, you should use an oil-based cleanser to wash your face, and second, you need to wash your face using a water-based cleanser.  

An oil-based cleanser can remove the oil, makeup, and dirt on your face. And the reason for using a water-based cleanser as the second step is to deeply clean your face if there is remaining dirt.  

Those who have oily skin or heavy makeup can use the double cleansing method.

3. Is cleansers harmful to the skin?

Cleansing is not harmful if you do it in the right way. But if you over-cleanse your skin usually using a cleanser, it can lose the natural oil on your face. 

4. Can cleansers be used daily?

You should not wash your face more than twice a day. That is the most recommended way.

However, cleansers are not strong as face wash. You can use it daily. But you should not use facewash usually.

If you use a cleanser to wash your face, then use it only at night. If you put on heavy makeup every day, then you should also use a cleanser on daily basis.

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