6 Tips For Healthy Skin

5 tips for healthy skin

We all like to have healthy skin. However, having healthy skin is not just about having fair and good-looking skin. 

There are some requirements to having healthy skin from the inside of the body and your outside.

This article will discuss how to make your skin healthy, no matter what type of skin you have.

1. Drink Water

Drinking water is essential for every living being in the world. 

I will tell you an example. With the Covid-19 Pandemic, many countries, including Sri Lanka, imposed islandwide lockdowns for months. 

Most of us have faced trouble buying our cosmetics items due to the lockdowns. All of my skincare items were empty. I decided to do natural things for my skin such as drink 2L of water daily.

The results were amazing. I still wonder why I spent money on skincare products rather than drinking water for free. 

My skin looked fresher and gone dull looking. All the small acne and dark spots vanished and when I touched my face I felt a smooth flow without any acne on my face.

The US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine shows that the sufficient daily water intake of a man is  3.7L and for women 2.7L.

Drinking water daily can make your skin fresh and can add a natural glow. You can experience this change after one week when you started to drink water correctly.  

Drinking too much water may cause headaches, vomiting, and other issues.

2. Facial

Doing a facial at least twice a week is an essential requirement for healthy skin. 

A facial can remove your dead skin and nourish the skin as well.  Also, treatment for acne and blemishes prevents sagging skin, detoxifies your skin, prevents darkness, and fairer skin other benefits of a facial.

You can do a facial at home or in a salon by using natural ingredients or skincare products. I like to use natural ingredients because it’s amazing. 

You can check the previous article about How to do a facial at home in a budget-friendly way.

3. Maintain a skincare routine

No matter your skin type, you need to consider and care about it.

You need to make your own skincare routine depending on your skin type. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, having a DIY pack, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen are very important to include in your skincare routine.

If you can use natural ingredients or products such as cleansers, exfoliators, toners, packs, and moisturizers the results are amazing.

Apart from a skincare routine for your face, you need to focus on your body also. Having a manicure or pedicure, body scrub, and treatments for your hair is also vital as much as your face.

4. Hygiene

Your skin hygiene is very important as your body’s hygiene. Maintaining your skin hygiene is the solution for many skin issues that we are facing.

Do not use the towel that you used for your body to your face as well. Take a separate towel or use paper tissues to dry your face. 

And do not use the towel that you dry your hair, for your face. 

If you are using a separate towel for your face, wash it twice a week with hot water and dry well. This will kill the germs and bacteria on your face towel.

If you have acne, do not touch your hands always. The germs in your hand will infect your face and be worse your acne.

Also, wash the pillows you sleep on at least twice a week. We keep our heads on pillows and if we have dandruff, all the dirt is on the pillow. And we keep our faces on those pillows as well. So keep your pillows clean.

At least, wash your face twice a day.  Cleanse your skin if you are using makeup or spend more time outside. 

5. Maintain The Health

We should maintain good health. This will affect our skin also.

Maintaining a healthy diet is a vital thing for us. Our skin needs nutrition to grow and glow. There are some vitamins that are important for our skin.

Vitamin C, Omega 3, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E are some of the nutrients that we need for our skin. We can take it naturally by adding natural vegetables and fruits to our meals. Or we can get a supplement under the guidance of a physician. 

Also, sufficient sleep is crucial to maintain health.  According to research, poor sleep can affect hanging eyelids, undereye darkness, wrinkles, and fine lines.

A pepper sleep is a time that repairs your body. It increases your blood flow, rebuilds collagen, and repairs damage such as sunburns, age spots, and wrinkles.  

Avoid screens at least an hour before you go to sleep.

Meditation and maintaining good mental health are really important to maintain good health which means it affects your skin also. Stress, depression, and other health issues can distract you from maintaining your skin. 

Always meditate and clear your mind. It will internally affect your body and skin. A clear mind can create clear skin.

Also, avoid from smoking is important to your body as well as your skin, especially for healthy lips.

6. Protect The Skin From The Sun

It is useless even though you have good skin if you can not protect it from sun rays and its harmful rays such as UVA and UVB.

Everyone needs to expose sun for Vitamin D. But excessive exposure can affect your skin such as skin cancers and pigmentations.  

When our skin reacts to UV rays, our skin becomes tanned or darkens. But luckily, those who have darker skin have more melanin than fair people. Melanin is important to protect our skin from suntans.

Melanin produces pigmentation in hair, skin, and eyes in our body and it can protect the skin from UV rays. It protects the outer layer of the skin called the Epidermis, from UV rays by absorbing them. 

What you need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays is to apply sunscreen or sun protection at least have SPF above 30. 

Also, you can wear long clothes or the necessary clothes to protect your skin. Wear sunglasses or use an umbrella when you expose to the sun.

You can apply aloe vera after you expose to sunlight in order to avoid burns. 


Maintaining healthy skin is not just being fair, it is a process of enhancing your health internally and externally.    

These steps will help you to keep healthy skin. Also, if you have acne and blemishes, these tips will help you to get rid of those issues. 

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