5 Best Homemade Toners For Dry Skin That You Will Not Regret


Maintaining your skin is an essential thing for all people regardless of their skin type. There are many benefits of having a skincare routine such as reducing your various skin issues, leveling up your skin tone, etc.

In a skincare routine, toners can not avoid. You need not spend too much money to buy toners. You can easily make them for your own.

In this post, I will show you all about toners, such as their benefits, direction of use, and some amazing homemade toners. Plus, this post is significantly made for those who have dry skin. 

What Is Dry Skin?

If you have dry skin, you can easily identify it. The basic and the most common characteristic of having dry skin is dryness. Plus, the following are some other features you can see if you have dry skin.

  1. Dull, and rough skin
  2. No elasticity in the skin
  3. Red patches
  4. Invisible pores
  5. Feel itchy and irritated
  6. Peeling 

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What Is a Toner?

Toner is usually a liquid-based product. Sometimes toners come as a face mist and sometimes you can use it as a few drops. 

Also, toners are an essential step in a facial. The main function of a facial treatment is to make your skin glow while cleaning your face. 

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Usually, toners include many skin-soothing ingredients that can moisturize your skin, such as aloe vera, cucumber, etc. 

Benefits Of A Toner For The Face

There are many benefits of using a toner in your day-to-day skincare routine.

First, you can use a toner to balance your skin moisture after cleansing. If you are using a chemical or medicated cleanser, sometimes it can dry your face more. 

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For example, I had a severe acne condition a few years back and I use Neutrogena oil-free acne wash with salicylic acid. My acne condition was truly cured. But my skin looked dry and flaky. To avoid this situation, you can use a toner. I used a homemade toner and that dryness on my face faded away. Toners can give and protect your extra hydration your skin.

Secondly, toners can remove impurities. Toners can remove dirt and dead skin cells. If your cleanser did not eradicate your dirt and impurities, a toner could do that.

Thirdly, the most known benefit of a toner is to close your pores. When we exfoliate our face during a facial, when we extract blackheads and whiteheads, our pores are open. If we do not close those pores, our skin may inflamed. To avoid this, we can use a toner. A toner can close your pores.

We can use a toner before doing our makeup. When you put on your makeup, try to apply a toner before applying a primer and foundation. This step will make your skin smooth, plus, a long-lasting makeup look.

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How To Use A Toner?

You may have a question that how you can use a toner. Basically, toners are used after cleansing your face. For instance, during morning and night, you wash your face. After that, you can apply your toner.

Also, during a facial, you can use a toner. When you do a facial, you cleanse your face, then exfoliate, extract blackheads and whiteheads and after that, you can apply a toner. Plus, the next step is putting a face pack. After removing your face pack, you can apply your toner.

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Thirdly, you can use a toner before makeup as well. As I mentioned earlier, when we use a toner before makeup, especially before applying primer, we can have a smooth base and long-lasting makeup look.

Best Homemade Toners For Dry Skin

1. Rose Water Toner 

Rose water can hydrate your face while smoothing it. Also, if you have fine lines and wrinkles, rose water can reduce them. 

How to Use – add some drops of rose water for a cotton pad and apply it on your cleansed face. 

2. Milk And Rose Water Toner

As I discussed in previous articles, there are many skincare benefits of milk and Rose water for dry skin. Milk can reduce aging features like fine lines and wrinkles. Also, milk can perfectly cleanse your face by removing dead skin cells.

How to use – Take 5 tbsp of milk and add a few drops of rose water. Then take a spray bottle and put this toner in it. You can use it as a toner after you cleansed your face.

3. Cucumber and Witch Hazel Toner

Cucumber has soothing and hydrating effects that are perfect for your dry and irritated skin. Also, using alcohol-free witch hazel can moisturize your skin. 

How to use – take 1 tbsp of cucumber juice and add some alcohol-free witch hazel (1 tbsp). Then you can use it.

4. Rice Water Toner

Rice water can brighten your face, improves the elasticity of your skin, provide anti-aging benefits such as improve collagen synthesis, etc.

How to use – Take 1 cup of rice. Then add it into a bowl and add some water as well. After that stir it well until the water gets white color. After that pour the rice water into a spray bottle and use it.

5. Aloe Vera And Green Tea Toner

Green tea can brighten your skin, hydrate, and close your pores as well. Also, aloe vera is a huge hydrating bomb that is perfect for dry skin people.

How to use – First, take a green tea bag and steep it in hot water. Take 1 tbsp of green tea from that. Secondly, take 2 tbsp of pure aloe vera gel and add green tea to it. Then mix it well. After that, you can put it in a spray bottle and use it. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, you need not spend too much money for buying a toner. You can make it for yourself using a few ingredients. 

These Homemade toners will help you to solve many skin issues that have dry skin. The ultimate objective of any product that is made for dry skin is Hydration.  


1. Can I use a toner on my body?

Yes, of course, you can use a toner for your body. Especially if you have a body scrub, you can use a toner. 

2. Is toners are compulsory?

It depends on your skin type, if you have oily skin, having a toner in your skincare routine is compulsory because it can close your pores which is really helpful to reduce acne. Also, if you have dry skin, having a toner is essential to give the maximum hydration to your skin.

3. Should I wash the toner off?

You should not wash off a toner. Naturally, it is absorbing to your face because it is a liquid formula. So, you need not wash it off.

4. Can I use a toner daily?

Yes, you can use a toner on daily basis. Also, it is OK to use a toner twice a day.

5. Which is first Toners or moisturizers?

As I mentioned earlier, toners are always used after cleansers, after using your toner, let it completely dry. After that, you can use any product such as moisturizers, serums or sunscreens.

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