5 Best Homemade Scrubs For Dry Skin

Maintaining your dry skin starts at your home. You can do so many things at home to take care of your skin without having to go to a salon. 

Having a skincare routine can maintain your skin no matter what type it is. Especially, if you have dry skin, you can maintain your skin to reduce your various skin issues.

Among many healthy steps that you can do to maintain your dry skin, Scrubbing your face is very important. In this post, I will discuss how to scrub your face if you have dry skin. Plus, I have included the 5 best homemade scrubs for dry skin that you can try out.

What Is Dry Skin Type?

If you have dry skin, you can easily identify it. You can feel dull and rough skin, red patches around your face, no elasticity, and itchy and peeling. These are the most common characteristics of having dry skin.

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What Is Scrubbing face?

Scrubbing or exfoliating your face means you deeply remove the dead skin cells, dirt, and excess oil. This step is compulsory to clean your face and get rid of many skincare issues. To maintain healthy skin, you need to scrub your face not more than twice a week. 

You can scrub your face at any time. First, you need to cleanse your face. You can use a homemade cleanser to clean your face if you have dry skin.

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After cleansed, you can scrub your face. You can try out our homemade scrub list in this article as well if you have dry skin. Gently apply the scrub on your face and exfoliate it. At least 2-3 minutes, you need to scrub your face. Your scrubbing time depends on the ingredients you included for the scrub. For example, if you scrub your face using sugar scrub for 2-3 minutes, it will damage your skin. If you use a sugar scrub, you should not exfoliate your face for a long time. After that, you can remove the scrub from your face by using a wet towel and applying your toner. Then you can continue the other steps of a facial such as extracting, putting a face pack, toner, and finally the moisturizer.

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Is Scrub Good For Dry Skin?

As we discussed earlier, scrubbing can remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil. If you have dry skin, perhaps you may think about the effectiveness of scrubbing your face. Is it worth scrubbing your face if you have dry skin? 

Yes of course. Scrubbing can give a solution to your biggest issue. The DRYNESS. 

Once you scrub your face, it can remove your dead skin cells. As I mentioned earlier people with dry skin have peeling. If you have dry skin there are some dead skin cells, and peeling skin on your face. You can easily remove those skin cells using a scrubbing process.

Secondly, if you have dry skin, your skin is rough and dull. But when you scrub your face twice a day, your skin becomes smooth and healthy.

Why We Use Homemade Remedies?

There are many skin exfoliators in the market that are specially made for dry skin. But why do we need to shift to homemade remedies instead of chemical products?

First, homemade remedies are 100% safe and natural. If you make a homemade remedy for dry skin, you make it using natural things and avoid harmful ingredients like paraben, fragrances, and other preservatives. You can use homemade remedies safely.

Secondly, homemade remedies are simple and effective. We can make a DIY face scrub for dry skin using some simple things at our home. You do need not to spend too much money on that. Plus, the results are 100% guaranteed in homemade remedies.  

Best Homemade Scrubs For Dry Skin

From now on, we will discuss the 5 best homemade scrubs for dry skin.

1. Green Tea And Honey Scrub

There are numerous benefits of green tea for our skin. For dry skin people, green tea can brighten your skin, and temporarily tighten skin, due to its richness in Vitamin E, green tea can hydrate your skin, and gently can exfoliate your skin. 

Also, honey is a very important ingredient in skincare. For dry skin, Honey can deeply moisturize your skin, lighten scars, reduce sunburns, and many more. Plus, honey can gently scrub your face and remove all dead skin cells.

How to make – Take one of the used green tea bags and take the tea leaves inside it. Then put it into a bowl and add 1 tbsp of honey to it. Mixed it well and apply it on your face. Gently scrub it at least for 2-3 minutes and wash it off. Then apply your toner.

2. Honey And Brown Sugar Scrub

As we mentioned earlier, honey has many benefits for dry skin. Brown sugar is also important for face scrubbing because it is a natural humectant, which means it protects your natural moisture. These two ingredients can make an amazing facial scrub for those who have dry skin. Keep in mind to take small granules of sugar. Because large granules can damage your skin.

How to make – Take 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of brown sugar. Mix it well and apply it on your wet face. After that, gently exfoliate your face in circular motions. After 1 minute, you can wash it off and apply your toner.

3. Coffee And Coconut Oil Scrub

Coffee can give you many skincare benefits such as anti-aging benefits, enhancing blood circulation, and moisturizing your skin. Plus, as a good scrub agent, coffee can remove your dead skin cells and make a smooth skin for you.

Coconut oil is one of the greatest natural moisturizers that you can apply if you have dry skin. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, provides instant hydration, and, soothes irritated skin. Also, coconut oil can remove your dead skin cells because of its abrasive texture.

How to make – Take 2 tbsp of coffee powder and add 1 tsp of virgin coconut oil. Then mix it well until it becomes a thick paste. Then apply it on your face and gently exfoliate your face. Leave it for 5 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water. After that, you can apply your toner. 

4. Yogurt And Oat Meal Scrub

There are many benefits of using yogurt for your skin. Yogurt is riched in Vitamin B and it can treat your dryness in face. But How yogurt can exfoliate your skin?

Technically yogurt can exfoliate your skin. The PH of yogurt is 4.5 which is very low enough for use as a skin exfoliator. But practically, yogurt has only a minimum role as an active skin scrubbing. That is why we are using oatmeal as well.

Oatmeal can moisture and soothes your skin while reducing itchiness and dryness. Also, oatmeal contains saponins that can gently exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells. 

How to make – Grind uncooked oatmeal as a powder. Then take 1 tbsp of oatmeal powder and mixed it with 1 tbsp f yogurt. Then you will have a thick paste. Apply it on your face and massage it in a circular motion to exfoliate your face. After 2 minutes, wash it odd with lukewarm water and apply your toner.

5. Olive Oil And Sugar Scrub

Olive oil is a natural ingredient that is enriched in natural fats. Also, it can nourish and moisturize your skin. Plus, due to its antioxidant properties, olive oil can deeply clean your pores while hydrating your skin. 

As we discussed earlier, sugar can also use as an exfoliator to scrub your face.

How to make – take 2 tbsp of sugar and add 1 tbsp of virgin olive oil. Then mix it well and apply it on your face. Gently scrub your face for 1 minute and wash it off with lukewarm water. After that apply your toner.

In Conclusion

As we discussed in this article, a scrub is an essential part of your skincare if you have dry skin. You can scrub your face to remove all dead skin cells and have smooth skin. Plus, our homemade scrub list has some moisturizing agents as well, which can provide your skin hydration. 


1. How many times scrub your face for dry skin?

If you have dry skin or any other skin type, you should not exceed exfoliating or scrubbing your face for twice a week. Make a gap between your scrubbing dates. For example, if you scrub your face on Monday, you can do it again on Thursday in the same week. 

2. Is Scrubbing and exfoliating are same?

Scrubs are also a kind of exfoliator. The difference between scrubs and exfoliators is, scrubs contain small granules which can deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin, dirt, and excess oil deeply. Plus, exfoliators are also doing the same, but without granules.    

3. Should I scrub on the wet face or the dry face? 

Usually, you should apply any kind of exfoliator or scrubs on your wet face. After your cleansing process, you can apply your scrub to your wet face. When you apply it on your dry face, it can irritate your skin. 

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